Choose the perfect running buggy

If you’re looking to take your baby or toddler with you when you run*, a suitable buggy is an essential piece of kit. Here are our top tips on finding the ideal pushchair for your needs.

  1. Buy second hand. Pushchairs can come with a hefty price tag and most families will have already invested in a travel system by the time they feel ready to run with their baby. Try eBay and Facebook and see if you can pick up a bargain.
  2. Consider if you need a buggy designed specifically for running or if your current pushchair could manage the job. Some ‘regular’ prams are suitable for jogging, particularly if you’re sticking to roads and hard tracks.
  3. Speak to other parents. Attend your local park run and ask other mums and dads with buggies how their model shapes up. The 5km runs are increasingly popular with pram-pushers so you’re bound to pick up some useful advice.
  4. Be mindful of where you will store your buggy and how much space you have. Running prams tend to get very muddy, so you might not want to drag them through the house. If space is in short supply, a foldable pushchair could be your best bet.
  5. Check the buggy’s specifications suit your needs. Is plenty of storage important for you? Or would you like the buggy to feature a reclinable seat so your baby can sleep comfortably on longer runs?
  6. Focus on the tyres. Better-quality tyres with suspension provide a smoother ride, particularly important if you plan to run on uneven surfaces.
  7. If you’ll need to carry your pram between runs, for instance to and from the car, make sure it’s not too heavy for you to transport comfortably.

*Please note, it is not recommended to run with a baby aged under six months

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