Why a good run can solve just about anything

If you’ve had a bad day or are feeling overwhelmed, a run is a surefire way to transform your mood. Taking a jog can combat anxious thoughts and leave you more relaxed and ready for life’s challenges. If you’re in need of inspiration before your next workout, here’s six reasons why you should pull on your trainers and hit the road.

1. Worries are banished. If you’re feeling stressed, running is the ultimate medicine. When your mind is feeling like a computer with too many open tabs, taking a jog will restore a quiet mental space. However wound up you feel, if you try to mull over your problems while on a run, the chances are they won’t seem half as important as they did before you left.

2. Sleep is improved. Just half an hour of running can work wonders on your sleep, and in turn, better sleep will improve your running performance, metabolism and mood. Win, win!

3. Hooray for cake! If you’re of a greedy disposition, regular runs means you can enjoy that brownie without worrying about your waistline. Nothing taste better than a post-run treat!

4. Running gives a sense of purpose. By scheduling races and training plans, weeks are given structure and goals amid the chaos of everyday life. From Park Run to marathons, entering events is a great way to keep motivated.

5. Running remains totally accessible when you’re hard up. It’s wonderful to embrace one of life’s pleasures when you know it’s costing you very little.

6. It gives you a chance to get away from the modern world and enjoy nature. Social media, work emails and WhatsApp – we all need to take a little time out from this constant feed of (often useless) information and get back to basics. Running forces you to put down your phone and experience the world around you.

We could go on! And remember, speed and distance are not important. Whether you cover 10 miles or just run for 10 minutes, you’ll still feel the benefits of the exercise and come back in an improved mood. There is no such thing as a bad run. 

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