The best running audiobooks for mums on the move

Feeling sluggish or less than enthusiastic about your next run? An audiobook can help make exercising more exciting and distract you from less inspiring routes, and there are plenty of titles perfect for mums.

Bryony Gordon’s Eat, Drink, Run

This is a wonderfully inspirational book to listen to while you run. Author, mother and Telegraph columnist Bryony shares her moving story of how running helped her cope with debilitating depression.

Bryony is hilarious and insightful, and although the book centres on some very serious topics, the reader comes away feeling optimistic with renewed confidence in the powers of running.

The book is suitable for both the seasoned runner, who will empathise with Bryony’s path to running her first marathon, and those who are looking to take up jogging for the first time. Bryony proves that anyone can run, and it really is a life-saver.

Be sure to look up Bryony on Instagram too, she is making huge tracks in the body positivity movement and her posts are sure to make you chuckle.

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Alexandra Heminsley’s Running Like a Girl

This is another great title if you’re looking for inspiration to run, whether you’re a new runner, have entered a particular race, or have your heart set on a PB.

Alexandra transforms her life through the sport and talks us through every step of the way. She tackles the realities of running and acknowledges the truth that it’s not always plain sailing, sharing many practical tips along the way.

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Runner’s World Complete Book of Running

This is a brilliant staple covering all the areas of the sport and is a handy guide if your starting out on your running journey.

The audiobook is interesting and informative, packed full of expert insight, although some of the practical advice detailing training plans can be a bit tricky to digest in this format. That being said I have re-listened to this book on a couple of occasions, so it’s definitely worth the purchase.

There are sections which are particularly relevant to women and mothers, including running safety.

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NB: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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