The wrong sports bra could be shortening your stride, study reveals

New research has found that running in a bra with poor support could shorten your stride by four centimetres.

The study, conducted by Brooks Running and the University of Portsmouth, involved biomecahnical analysis to assess the effect of breast movement on a woman’s stride while running.

The team found an inadequate bra could seriously impact performance, as well as causing harm to your body.

“Excessive breast motion during running can lead to discomfort during exercise and potential damage to the breast’s internal structures,” said a spokesman for Brooks.

Professor Joanna Scurr added that a well-fitted sports bra can make “the world of difference to your workout, as well as your general health and wellbeing”.

Brooks has developed a new range of sports bras specifically for runners, based on the research.

“The bras are available in various styles, with different straps and back designs,” added the spokesman. “The goal is to help women completely forget about their bra and get in the zone during their run.”