Interval training found to be more beneficial for transforming physique when time is tight

New research has highlighted the benefits of interval sprint training.

The study involved a group of 40 post menopausal women who were separated into two groups – one active and the other sedentary.

The active women undertook in an eight-week program of sprints, doing 20 minutes on an exercise bike three a times a week.

The exercisers put on 1.5 pounds of muscle in their legs and trunk, lost 0.8 pounds of body fat, and increased aerobic fitness by 12 percent. There was no change in the sedentary group.

‘These results suggest that high-intensity interval training is a time-efficient strategy for improving visceral [fat] and inflammatory markers’, said the researchers.

‘Interval sprinting has been consistently shown to result in far more clinical benefits compared to aerobic exercise or leisurely walks in far less time,’ Yati Boutcher of the University of New South Wales told Bicycling.

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