Listen while you run: Inpirational parenting audiobooks

Looking for an audiobook companion for your next long run? We’ve selected a few of our favourite parenting titles to keep you entertained when out for a long slog.

Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Who doesn’t love Giovanna Fletcher? She is such a positive woman and delights my toddler when she appears on CBeebies‘ Baby Club. The author and mother published Happy Mum, Happy Baby a couple of years ago now, but it makes for a lovely listen.

Giovanna is so down to earth and relatable and her insight into motherhood is useful and reassuring.

I actually dipped into the book when I was pregnant and I found it really interesting at that time in my life. The main premise is that there is no right or wrong way to bring up a child, whatever works for you is in your best interests and your baby’s.

The beauty of this audiobook and its suitability as a running companion is that it’s very easy to follow and if you’re on a longer, distracting run you can dip in and out and easily understand what’s going on.

By the end of Happy Mum, Happy Baby I felt a little like I knew Giovanna as she has such a personable writing style. A friend and I later attended her book signing (yes, we’re a bit obsessed…) where she spoke about her experiences of motherhood and seemed just as lovely in person.

I’d recommend Happy Mum, Happy Baby to any mum-to-be or new parent looking for an uplifting read and Giovanna’s podcast of the same name is also great and perfect for dipping into for shorter runs (plus be sure to check out her new book, Letters on Motherhood).

Purchase this audiobook.

Rachaele Hambleton’s Part-Time Working Mummy: A Patchwork Life

Sunday Times best seller, Part-Time Working Mummy: A Patchwork Life is the memoir of Rachaele Hambleton’s experiences of motherhood is incredibly moving, and at times makes heart-wrenching listening. Rachaele recounts her tough childhood and turbulent adolescence, which lead her into dangerous relationships and a cycle of domestic abuse and violence.

There are also plenty laugh-out-loud moments and relatable experiences of early motherhood, from breastfeeding strife to sleepless nights. Rachaele narrates her own work, providing an authentic listening experience.

“This book is everything I’ve been through that’s made me who I am, plus the lessons I’ve learned from many mistakes,” says Rachaele. “I hope that it will make you laugh as well as give you strength to keep going when times get tough. After all, we are all in this together…”

Purchase this audiobook.

Sarah Turner’s The Unmumsy Mum

All the mothers who hate the ‘yummy-mummy’ ideals will love Sarah Turner’s funny and down-to-earth exploration into the world of parenting.

The audiobook is sure to have you giggling along the way and will make a dull run much more fun.

Purchase this book.

NB: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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