The ultimate running short? We put Ronhill’s Stride shorts to the test

Looking for a practical and comfortable short? Ronhill’s Stride Stretch Shorts may be just the ticket.

The shorts are a simple cycling style, but they outperform many of their more striking rivals.

Our tester found they didn’t budge, and avoided the hugely frustrating tendency for shorts to shift up the leg as you run. They are an adequate length, not so short that they resemble hot pants or long that they come too close to the knee.

The waistband is comfy and doesn’t dig in or roll, and the fabric leaves you feeling supported and cool and dry. Those less confident about their stomachs should feel comfortable as they sit just below the belly button, smoothing over areas below.

They also come with a necessity for many runners, a zipped pocket. The pocket is situated to one side above the bum, so you can carry keys and gels with ease.

The simple design is sleek and flattering and the fit is true to size.Our tester saw no loss in performance despite plenty of use, in training and race days, including a marathon.

The only fault our tester found was that the linear pattern on the side of the shorts peeled slightly after many washes.

Nonetheless, we seriously rate these shorts, and at an inexpensive £20.99 to buy online, what’s not to love?

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