Eight ways to stay active and inspired during lockdown

With new increased restrictions on our movements (outlined by the Prime Minister on Monday night), many mums will find it harder than ever to prioritise their fitness. If you’re stuck inside with the family for the majority of the day, your bound to feel less inspired, but there are ways you can help yourself.

Here our our top tips to stay active (and sane), while continuing to protect ourselves and the community from the coronavirus.

  1. Involve your children. Encourage your brood to enjoy their daily outdoor exercise at the same time as you. Now is an ideal time to bond with each other on a run, as without distractions of school, extra curricular activities and play dates, they will be far more keen to take part.
  2. Dust off the running buggy. If your child is still a toddler, running together is not an option, but your little one can join you from the comfort of a stroller. If you don’t own a running pram, take a look at our advice on finding the perfect model.
  3. Set a time and stick to it. Running or working out at the same time every day will help you establish a routine, meaning that your active time is less likely to get sidelined by other activities. Heading out early can be the best tactic, as you have no time to build up excuses, your routes are likely to be peaceful and you’ll feel great all day knowing you’ve achieved an early morning run or exercise.
  4. Join a virtual class. If you can’t run outside, perhaps you are self isolating, have already been outside your property to walk the dog, or are in a country with tighter restrictions, you can stay fit from the comfort of your home. There are so many fantastic workouts on offer through YouTube and Facebook. Some are ideal for involving your kids too, like Joe Wick’s newly established PE class, which takes place every week day at 9am.
  5. Dress right. It’s simple but surprisingly effective. When you get up, pull on your running gear and you’re far more likely to take some exercise than if you wear jeans or stay in your pyjamas. It also helps put you in a positive mindset from the start of the day.
  6. Stay hydrated. This is more important now than ever before. By drinking lots you’ll feel stronger and more prepared for your workouts, as well as aiding recovery from exercise.
  7. Join your friends (virtually). If you know you’ll struggle to make yourself run or join a virtual class, help yourself stick to your goal by telling friends your plans and inviting them to join too. They may not physically be with you, but having that emotional support will help inspire you to stay on course, and you can share those wonderful post-run endorphins when you catch up afterwards.
  8. Conquer the dread-mill. If your lucky enough to own a treadmill it will come into its own in the coming weeks. However, as runners we all know pacing on a treadmill doesn’t come close to the real thing, but there are ways to make it more bearable. Fixing an Ipad to your machine means you can keep on top of your favourite box sets while on the move, or you could even tune into guided tutorials.

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