Why you might want to rethink holding your phone while running

Many of us know it’s not a good idea to carry our phones in our hand when running — it’s awkward, distracting and can lead to injuries due to imbalances — but were you are aware strapping your mobile on your arm could also pose a risk?

Experts warn carrying your phone in an arm pouch could cause hip and shoulder problems to manifest.

These issues tend to come to a head on the opposite side of the body to the side you hold your device.

“By making one arm heavier, you’re altering the momentum of your limbs,” UK Athletics running coach, Alexa Duckworth-Briggs told Cosmopolitan. “And your body will attempt to compensate for the imbalance by working certain muscles harder than others. That’s where repetitive strain injuries will come into play.

“This could be happening every time you train, week after week, month after month. And all of this means you’re more susceptible to strains, particularly in your legs, hips and across your shoulders.”

For this reason a running belts or bumbag is recommended as an alternative way to carry your phone on your run.

“You’re better off holding that weight centrally to your body,” added Alexa.

Our pick of running belts

If you’re in the market for a new way to carry your phone, take a look at our pick of running belts. Click on the images to shop.


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Here’s to more comfortable, balanced running!

NB: We may receive a commission for purchases made through links in this article

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