Postponed London Marathon may only involve elite athletes

The director of London Marathon has said this year’s postponed race may only involve elite athletes.

Hugh Brasher told the BBC this was one of the options his team has considered for the 2020 race, with plans “changing all the time”.

The race has already been moved to 4 October due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the event is still subject to change.

“We hope we can welcome [all the runners] back in October but at this stage we just don’t know what is going to happen,” said Mr Brasher.

“We have to look at it in totality, with three quarters of a million spectators, the medical side, the charities.

“We are looking at probably 10 scenarios, and they are changing all the time.”

Mr Brasher said some “radical ideas” had been discussed with other major race directors, but did not detail these plans.

Fundraisers who were due to take part in the marathon yesterday (26 April) are being encouraged to tackle the 2.6 Challenge instead.

The initiative aims to support struggling charities who are missing out from much-needed funds from marathon runners.

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