Need inspiration? Here’s 10 reasons to pull on your trainers

When you’ve barely had time to brush your teeth, it’s unsurprising that exercise drops low down the list of priorities, but the benefits of running always outweigh the time investment, especially when you have kids.

Here are our top 10 reasons you should pull on your trainers and head out the door, even if it’s just a five-minute jog around the block.

1. Running boosts your energy. If you find yourself feeling sluggish after a long day caring for your baby or toddler, a run can give you a much-needed boost.

2. Exercise releases endorphins. The magic feeling of completing a run stays with your for days and can help combat low self-esteem or anxiety on challenging days. You’ll also feel less stressed and return to your family feeling more refreshed.

3. You’re back with your baby in no time. No new mum wants to leave their child for long, but the beauty of running means that you can be back with them within half an hour. Unlike gym visits you can run straight from your front door and return in no time at all, meaning no missed feeds or breastfeeding issues.

4. Running is free. For many mums money is tight and costly exercise classes are not an option. All you need to enjoy running is a pair of trainers.

5. Jogging helps you tone up and lose weight. While we should all be proud of our amazing bodies, running can help give you a confidence boost.

6. It’s sociable. You don’t have to go solo and running can be a great way to make friends. Parkrun is a great way to get to know other running mums. The buggy-friendly event is free and takes place all over the UK. Alternatively, you could join a local buggy running group.

7. When your baby is aged over six months they can join you in a running buggy. Read our top tips to choosing a running buggy here.

8. You can eat more! Running allows you to enjoy your food even more thanks to the calories it burns.

9. Running keeps you in tip-top condition. Babies and toddlers are exhausting but easier to handle if you are strong and fit.

10. If you’re struggling to nod off when your little one finally settles, then running could help you sleep more easily.

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