Boosting mental health is main motivating factor for running mums

Mothers have voted boosting their mental health as their main reason to run.

Using data collected from social media surveys, Running Mums found that 100% of those surveyed cited improving their emotional wellbeing as a reason to run, and favoured this over all other benefits.

Mums also cited boosting their fitness and improving their appearance as reasons to pull on their trainers. Those taking part also admitted running to “eat more cake” (we’re totally guilty of this too!) and said their children and family inspire them to be better runners.

Seventy five percent of those surveyed said they ran to improve their physical appearance and all of those who voted said keeping fit factored into their hobby.

Earlier this year a study by Strava also found that most runners pursue the sport to boost their physical and mental health.

“Runners described the need to run to maintain their sense of self and as a way to respond to adversity,”said Simon Klima, Strava’s global marketing director.

“There’s a great realisation that to exercise the body also helps to exercise the mind – which is a muscle that needs just as much looking after as the other muscles.”

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