‘We will get through this, together’: parkrun updates runners on future of events

Parkrun has said its events may be able to return prior to the development of a vaccine or treatment for the coronavirus.

Tom Williams, chief operating officer, said the team is committed to developing its understanding of the conditions and restrictions surrounding Covid 19, so they can “make the right decisions at the right time”.

Eight weeks have passed since the events were put on hold due to the global pandemic, and runners throughout the world are missing the weekly gatherings.

“We know that parkrunners everywhere, alongside their local communities, are facing their own unique challenges, and would love to enjoy parkrun again,” said Mr Williams.

“Please know that we are thinking of you all right now and remain fully committed that no-one will be forgotten as and when we reopen.

“We also know that some of you will be wondering how parkrun can ever return, at least until there is some kind of vaccine or treatment available. Whilst we cannot predict the future or make any promises, we do feel that an opportunity to reopen, in an appropriate and safe manner, may arise earlier than that.”

More than 900 parkrun directors and ambassadors, representing all 22 parkrun countries, have discussed the matter with the central team.

This formal consultation will close on 17 May, when HQ will begin to review and reflect on the points raised.

Mr Williams thanked runners and volunteers for their “continued patience, understanding, and support”, adding that “we will get through this, together”.

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