Six tips for weight loss through running

We all know there’s much more to running than its fat-busting powers, but if you do want to lose weight, there are ways you can tailor your running regime to burn more fat.

Dr Justin Roberts from Anglia Ruskin University shared some useful advice with Coach Mag, and here are our favourite takeaway tips for running mums.

1. Intervals or tempo runs with a mix of low and high intensity are best for burning fat, so try to incorporate these into some of your sessions.

2. Evidence suggests exercising in the morning increases metabolic rate, so it’s best to fit in your run first thing. This also allows you to exercise before the rest of the family wakes up.

3. Try to practice some strength training between runs, like squats, lunges and weight training (we love the Body Coach workouts), as research also suggests this increases metabolic rate, and reduces your chance of injury.

4. Mix up your routine to avoid a plateau, so you could try varying your runs from a long, steady jog (perhaps with running buggy in tow) to a hill session, or speedy 5k followed intervals or a tempo run.

5. Make sure you’re eating enough and try to create a calorie deficit from exercise rather than food.

6. Don’t fixate on weight. Your running may have caused you to gain weight in lean muscle so try to celebrate the positive changes to your body’s appearance and function, rather than obsessing over the scales.

New mums, please wait at least 6-8 weeks before trying to lose weight. And if you’re breastfeeding it’s particularly important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and remember nursing burns 500-700 calories a day.

Above all, remember if running makes you happy and you are a healthy weight there’s no need to change anything at all.

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