Parkrun takes step towards full return of events

Parkrun has made positive progress towards the full return of events, with the reopening of races in New Zealand.

In March organisers closed all events amid the global pandemic.

However, the team has announced that on 4 July, Parkrun will return to New Zealand.

“That first Saturday without a single parkrun event anywhere in the world was a moment that most of us could never have imagined would ever happen,” said Tom Williams, chief operating officer.

“Within just a few weeks, of course, many of us went from thinking Parkrun will always be there, every week, for everyone, to thinking it would never come back, ever.

“So, as much as closing our events was a huge wake-up call that we aren’t invincible, the reopening of parkrun New Zealand is proof that we can all get through this challenge.”

Mr William’s said New Zealand’s progress represented a “fantastic step” toward the full return of parkrun events around the world.

“I know it will also lift the spirits of parkrunners everywhere,” he added.

“It’s important to remember though that we still have 21 parkrun countries patiently waiting for their own circumstances to improve such that their events can return.

“We continue to monitor the global situation, are considering our position in every single country, and will update you all every Tuesday as things move forward.

“Thank you for being so patient and understanding, and, most of all, for believing in the parkrun family.

“We are getting through this, together.”

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