‘See the warrior within yourself’: Words of wisdom we all need to hear from running mum Latoya Shauntay Snell

If you’ve ever said you’re “not a real runner”, questioned whether you should give up because you don’t fit the typical image of an athlete, or felt self-conscious when exercising in public, please read on.

Latoya Shauntay Snell is a mother on a mission. The New York-based ultrarunner has motivated thousands to get active and enjoy their bodies, regardless of their appearance, and despite body-shamers and trolls, she refuses to give up.

Here are some of our favourite words of wisdom from the “accidental activist” โ€” we hope they will inspire you too.

Lss 2
“Your shape, size, speed or background doesn’t matter: Just move. Fitness doesn’t have a look. We can all redefine the language and debunk the stereotypes of a ‘fit body’.”
“Did someone tell you something awful about your body or is there lack of representation people who look like you in a certain field? Diversify your portfolio, honey”
“Don’t wait for the internet to validate your strong and sexy. If you ain’t gonna love you, who will?”
“I love eliminating outdated thoughts on what an athlete looks like. An athlete looks like me; looks like us.”
“Fuck curated content and diet culture. Real life was and is happening. Be light because everything else around us is already deeper than poetry. Don’t believe the hype. Not everyone is ‘motivated’ and that’s okay too. I’ll workout when I’m ready.”
Lss 3
“Nobody can tell me that I’m not small enough, fast enough, strong enough or able bodied enough to be taken seriously. Redefining my personal definition of being an athlete allows me help others see the warrior within themselves.”

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